The Hindu Goddess, Kali

Kali displays herself as terrifying.  As she approaches, she threatens whatever the cowering ego clings to for its security.  She rushes at the trembling ego, but in the very moment of her arrival, she delivers immediate liberation from identification with any isolated self -- opening the rapture of communion with Life Force as an aware participant in the Divine Presence -- in the parlance of Voice Dialogue, as an "Aware Ego."

Kali's boon is won when an individual confronts or accepts her and the realities she dramatically conveys -- to say "Bring it on!  I can deal!"  In a variety of ways, the image of Kali teaches us that pain, loss, sorrow, decay, death, and destruction are not to be mastered or conquered by denying them or explaining them away but by facing them through to the other side.  Loss and sorrow are woven into the texture of life so thoroughly that to deny them (or even to delay them) is ultimately futile.  For an individual to realize the fullness of being, for one to exploit their potential as a human being, they must finally accept the downside of the cycle.

Kali's boon is freedom -- the freedom of the child to revel in the moment -- and it is won after confronting profound loss and accepting the death of a part of us. To ignore death, to pretend that one's body is immortal, to pretend that one's limited identity is the center of things, or to protect one's convenience is to provoke Kali's mocking laughter.  On the other hand, to confront and accept loss is to realize a mode of being that can delight and revel in the play of the Divine.  To accept the mortality of any limited identity is to be able to let go, to sing, to dance, and to shout. 

Kali is Mother to her devotees not because she protects them from the way things really are but because she reveals to them their entrapment and thus releases them to act fully and freely, releasing them from the incredible, binding web of pretense, practicality, convenience and rationality.

Voice Dialogue offers a process that frees the individual from the snares of ego identification and reclaims energy in a playful, supportive way.  For more, visit or The Voice Dialogue Institute.